June 5, 2015


My name is Harriet and I am a prize-winning South East Guide who specialises in Kent, Sussex and Surrey (as well as Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace!)

I am a history graduate and have worked in the tourism industry for the past ten years, during which time I have given tours to people of all ages and backgrounds, as well as for television and radio programmes.

I am passionate about history and particularly enjoy highlighting local history, landscapes and traditions. For example; illegal gin was so plentiful in 18th century Kent that locals used it to wash their windows! Fortunately for us the South East is just bursting with anecdotes like this one and even more fortunately they don’t all involve law-breaking!

In a field with so many highly trained professionals, I like to think that my age and background offer something a little different from my colleagues.

Please contact me today to talk through any queries you may have. Most importantly however – whoever you choose – please enjoy the South East of England.