Dover Castle, Dover, Kent, UK

Dover Castle

Perched on top of the famous White Cliffs is the magnificent Dover Castle. symbol of British defence of the realm. Since Iron – Age times right up to the more recent period of the Cold War , it has guarded Dover, and has been called the Lock and Key to the country.

Take plenty of time here to visit and experience this extraordinary place as it will present to you a treasure-trove of history reflecting the story of Great Britain.

Dominating the site is the Great Tower. Here, you’ll be whisked back to the 12th century to the royal court of King Henry II. Be sure not to miss the Anglo-Saxon church of St Mary in Castro and the amazing Roman lighthouse known as the Pharos. Then descend into the depths of the castle below ground to discover the tunnels. Experience what it was like during the evacuation of Dunkirk in Operation Dynamo. Feel the danger as the events and experiences from these times are dramatically portrayed .

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