Picturesque cobblestone street in Rye, East Sussex


We can help unlock the secrets of this charming fortified medieval town, once a thriving port.

Make for the highest spot, at the top of the famous cobbled Mermaid St, with its wonderful half-timbered houses, and stop off at the church of St. Mary The Virgin, which has stood here for over 900 years, to discover Rye’s French connections.

For a different tour, engage with Rye’s literary history, visit its art galleries and museums!

Don’t forget to take time to enjoy the gastro delights of this town; there are numerous tea -shops, where you can treat yourself to a cream tea, and browse the delicatessens, which supply the local areas.

If you are staying longer you can visit Rye Harbour, a nature reserve; Winchelsea, another hill-top town, or the unique and distinctive Romney Marshes.

Rye Guides

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